Intern Profile: Lukasz Krahel

MIA is blessed to have some of the most dedicated and loyal interns in Memphis. We rely heavily on our interns, who keep our office running day to day. In order to show our appreciation for everything they do, we will be sharing a little bit about them on the MIA blog.

lukasz profile picLukasz Krahel, our first legal intern, is a rising 3L at the University of Memphis Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law. Lukasz emigrated from Poland when he was a young child, and he plans to practice immigration law after graduation: “I’ve always had an interest in immigration since I myself have immigrated to the U.S. and have seen several family members immigrate to the U.S. as well.”

Just a few weeks into his summer internship, Lukasz has already become an invaluable member of our team. He has been conducting research on domestic violence-based asylum claims, and he is assisting us with completing our domestic violence-based asylum applications. According to Lukasz (who just received an excellent grade on his Immigration Law exam!), “It’s one thing to study about asylum and cancellation of removal in a law textbook, but seeing it in practice has really shown me the real life struggles and difficulties of immigrating into the U.S. While studying cases and the policies behind decisions, it’s easy to forget that we’re dealing with real people in particularly vulnerable situations.”

verolukasz tableLukasz has been especially engrossed in his first case, in which he is helping a former refugee bring her husband to the U.S. She and her husband, who are from different countries, met and fell in love in a refugee camp while they were teenagers. She has now become a U.S. citizen and is ready to spend her life with her new husband. “I met her on my first day of MIA and since then I’ve been really pulling for her. I sincerely hope that she and her husband can be reunited in the U.S. All of our clients have interesting stories and come from all walks of life so it makes it easy to want to help them.”

Thank you Lukasz for everything you are doing to advance MIA’s mission of bringing families together and keeping people safe from harm.