Saray Roman

Legal Services Coordinator Saray Roman attended Southwest Tennessee Community College, and prior to joining MIA, she worked for GCA Services Group as an Administrative Assistant. At GCA, Ms. Roman conducted interviews with and orientations for Latino job applicants; she also assisted applicants with completing employment eligibility verification forms and complying with fingerprinting requirements. She enjoyed her position at GCA as it allowed her to work with her community and help people obtain jobs.

Ms. Roman, who grew up in Mexico, understands firsthand the difficulties experienced by families seeking a better life in the United States. She joined MIA to further her goal of “helping immigrants to stay together and resolving their legal status here so they can have a better future.” Ms. Roman appreciates MIA’s mission of supporting the most vulnerable members of the immigrant community, including children and women experiencing domestic violence.

“Working here so far has been a journey. I get the chance to work with immigrants who suffer violence and are afraid to speak. I want to make a difference and provide them help, giving them hope; in the storm, sometimes there may be a ray of light.”