MIA Announces New Asylum Initiative

MEMPHIS, TN – Since 2013, Mid-South Immigration Advocates (MIA) has defended our most vulnerable Mid-South neighbors, including children, families, and survivors of violence. In response to the rapidly expanding number of immigration detention facilities in the Southeast region, MIA is launching its Asylum Initiative. This new Initiative will create facility-specific projects designed to protect the rights of detained asylum seekers.

Our Tallahatchie Project provides essential legal guidance to asylum seekers detained in the Tallahatchie County Correctional Facility in Tutwiler, MS who otherwise would have no access to information about the legal process.

“The Asylum Initiative is an innovative and technology driven strategy that will serve as a lifeline to asylum seekers who find themselves detained in remote locations with few resources and no contact with the outside world.” said Christy Swatzell, Asylum Initiative Director at MIA.

MIA hopes to expand the Asylum Initiative to include more comprehensive legal services for asylum seekers detained in the Mid-South by creating a uniform front line for investigation, resources, and document collection.

Additional Information: www.miamemphis.org